The Vision

The Vision Recordings

“It is the mission of The Vision Recordings to empower artists with the services that they need to create world changing art. To allow for anyone and everyone’s voice to be heard. This is our mission. This is our vision.”

The Vision Recordings is more than just a music company, it is a musician company. It is owned and operated by artists, for artists. It provides the services that artists need, whatever services artists need. Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Publishing, Distribution, Marketing, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Live Events, Merchandise, Contracts, & More. The company’s founders David, RJ, & Jessica each bring unique talents and expertise to the business and artistic sides of the company. They are passionate and talented individuals who’s driving force is to create quality and impactful music through their own art and in the art of those that they assist through the business.


David "Visionary" Hopkins

Executive Chairman - Executive Producer of Audio - Executive Audio Engineer - Musician

Meet David Hopkins, already a multi-nominated and award-winning Executive Producer, Engineer, and Musician who has worked with the likes of Pit Bull to Enrique Iglesias. Known as the “melody maker,” his imaginative and creative style is influencing a new sound in the music industry for a time as this. A musical prodigy versed in multiple genres of music and a self-taught pianist from a young age, Hopkins was destined to create and found “The Vision Recordings” production company. David goes by the stage name “Visionary” - quite fitting because his cohorts and peers will beam about his natural leadership qualities, work ethic, and natural talent. A pioneer, he has always had the vision to achieve greatness. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, he migrated to South Florida to follow his calling, and Hopkins now holds a Bachelor of Commercial Music from Florida Atlantic University. As a Youth Pastor, he is a role model and strives to lead a positive example for the next generation. He is the Executive Chairman of The Vision Recordings Production Company, which resides in Davie, Florida, transforming the music industry as a lighthouse in the darkness.


RJ Artuso

Chief Executive Officer - Business Manager - Artist

Meet Robert "RJ" Artuso, or comically known as "Rhyme Jropper" an artist, actor, Poet, Performer and Business Man. Born and raised in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida he has a New York influenced style due to his New York family upbringing. His unique artistic style can be described as rhythmic poetic storytelling that takes you on a journey. His ability to incorporate complex ideas into a mainstream sound is his lyrical fingerprint. He has an extensive background in the arts and creative work that stretches a decade long from high school to the present. He's an alumni of Northeast High School's poet & drama clubs and member of "Wordz Ablaze" - Later becoming a Creative Collective member of the local Non-Profit "Art Prevails Project". Over this time, he has performed in many plays and theatrical works; both as a performer and as an assistant director. RJ has Performed and written spoken word poetry for both staged and pop up settings, and facilitated creative workshops for students and career professionals. He received his Bachelors of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning at Florida Atlantic University, which during his first semester met one of his future business partners and became the link to introduce all three founders of The Vision Recordings. During his first years in college he quickly worked his way up to manager of a local retail operation which gave him the necessary business experience he would later need. Currently he is the Chief Executive Officer and business manager of The Vision Recordings. According to the mogul, he wants to have an inspirational impact on the world "I want anything I create, whether it be my art or my businesses to better the world. I want it to show others that you can do good and be good at the same time - RJ"


Jessica Rivera

President - Chief Marketing Offcier - Head of Artist Management - Artist

Meet Jessica Rivera, President, Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Artist Management, Writer, Singer, & Performer. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, she immigrated to South Florida at the age of 6, where she would grow up in the Fort Lauderdale area. Jessica has been involved in the art and performance world from a very young age. She has been singing as long as she can remember and has always had a passion for writing stories, poetry, and songs.
At her church she was apart of the choir, plays, performances, and dance ministry; and would later go on to lead the Praise & Worship team. Jessica also performed and acted in plays at the Broward Center For The Performing Arts and Fort Lauderdale Children's Theater; her performances included The King & I, Annie, and Hello Dolly. She performed and competed in various different styles of dance. Including performances in Florida & Canada for Juno nominee and award winning artist Belinda Brady. During her teenage years she began modeling and did charity events. Jessica would later attend Florida Atlantic University where she would meet her future business partners. Upon meeting she knew that they all shared the vision, both as artists and for the world.